Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's your favorite Mascara??

I have short stubby lashes =/ ( yep, sad!) and let me tell you ladies that I had tried all kind of brands. I was looking for that holly grail mascara because I strongly believe that " your eyes are the window to your soul". Gotta make 'em look pretty. LOL. From my experience, what works for me (maybe also works for others who have short lashes??) are the lengthening and the volumizing formulas. However, not all mascaras were created equal because at the end it depends on the type of brush they come with. I like a mascara that has a big brush with long bristles, yep!! The bigger the better because it lifts and coats my lashes evenly and gives that oomph look. :) After years of looking, I finally found what works. YAY!! And now, I only use L'oreal Volumizing Mascara and YSL Faux Cil, which is my current favorite. Here is the pic of lashes with YSL Faux Cil. I love it!:)

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