Monday, March 12, 2012

Alice Juban Live + Stage Dives

I have made no secret how much fun it is to attend an Independent Idol live .There is a freedom and connection that you can`t find with a major. A special bond with idol and wota so to speak.
If you take the time to watch these mini concerts from start to end, you will see what I mean.

Alice Juban mixes traditional and untraditional idol in one. With hockey masks, toy swords, chainsaws, stage diving [last song after the magic trick], magic, headstands, fainting [member intro].

When you attend a major concert, there is a great high income show maybe or maybe not live singing, no errors to be expected, but the artist and fan are separated and kept to a distance. At an indie , there is no separation , fans can touch an idol , hand them things and even get on stage as an opening act and do supporting dances and chants and the idols will be caught peaking at them.
Idol can have a birthday and you can hand her gifts and cake from your front row spot.

The things that you can experience greatly outweigh the fact that it is a small venue or your first time seeing the group. If you go into it with the acceptance that indie idols make up 95% of the genre and work hard for what little they make , you`ll understand why that one shot photo she shot backstage before the show to sell after the show , was done with love . It`s not a fancy agency glossy, instead it`s idols taking photos, writing a cute sharpie message and selling it for a few yen.Just enough to buy a snack or a meal afterwards.

The long conversations with the idols, you get to have at times at their sales tables, the laughs and jokes exchanged are all things, which I would never trade for a major concert ticket.

There is a time and place for everything, including a major venue concert, but in the end, there is something to be said for being in the small live house, helping an idol step up on a platform near the front of the stage and her handing you her color towel, when she steps down as a way to say thanks.

It`s the little things that makes these small live houses so special .While not everything I have mentioned is in these clips, it doesn`t take much from this live to bring back memories of past times.

Show 2

This video features the stage dives from three different camera angles

One more drink please

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