Saturday, February 4, 2012


FLOWER's second single, SAKURA Regret, is being released on the last day of this month, and now the full PV is streaming online!

Maaaan, if Still wasn't great enough, just look at this PV! The setting is so whimsical and magical, with the antique clocks being submerged in water which is scattered with Sakura. And when Reina - who looks GORGEOUS, by the way - walks up to that gigantic clock, the exposed gears just fit so well the branched out Sakura and the blue... Thing behind that. (Totally just ruined the moment right there -o-)
The fantastical world continues as they dance with ease and perfection in a room full of (Once again) Sakura in an elegant castle-like place wearing beautiful purple (FAVOURITE COLOUR! <3) outfits, each girl being situated in a room with its own unique flair, (including wings, a crescent moon, and a full moon) and moving in slow motion and reverse as the Sakura petals "fly" back up again. And if that doesn't put you in awe, the non-vocalists dance with grace in water! I mean, just the way the water splashes with each move they make is truly something!
And the song! It reminds me of a twist of traditional Japanese music during the instrumental, yet has a bit of a Spanish (I THINK Spanish is the right style...) aspect to it with the beautifully played guitar. Plus, Reina and Chiharu sing so beautifully, both in their solo lines and harmonizations. Even if the ballad style may seem repeated, taking into consideration that their debut single was also a ballad, this is just too good of a song AND too good of a PV to miss out on!

sakuraregret by Bored4Lyfe

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