Saturday, November 27, 2010

What did you get on Black Friday sales?

My BF and I went out shopping the whole night and got home around 7 am since the Midnight Madness in Camarillo Outlet started at 12 am and ended at 6 am. So right after the Thanksgiving dinner, we went out shopping! This is our once a year kinda deal. I love it and he doesn't mind it either. That's our agreement. LOL. Shopping at Camarillo was exciting! To me, it's an ultimate experience - getting stuck in traffic, going around and around for a parking spot and rushing to the stores. And it was pretty cold too. LOL. All in the name of shopping! :). And of course we had to line up a little since there were too many people in the stores!! My dear BF, as usuall, bought more stuff than I did! So what did I get? :) Some pairs of True Religion jeans (my one and only favorite!!!), some Esprit sweaters, a beanie from The Limited and a sweater from Kenneth Cole. :) I actually saved lots of money on the jeans because I normally spend between $200 - $300 on a pair of True Religion and I paid less than the regular price, so I am super happy! =)) Then when we left Camarillo at 5 am, we immediately headed to Macy's ha, ha, ha, and I got myself a pair of thigh high boots at 40% less than the original price! I had my eyes on them for quite a while ;).

So ladies, I cant wait to read a post about your Black Friday purchase!



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