Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Summer Haul :)

I love summer! It's the most fun season to shop where I can wear pretty, bold colors, and go as short as I want without feeling weird or awkward about it. :) I haven't shopped yet since I've been busy, but I would like to get started soon! So far, I've only browsed several stores and I found these following items are worth buying.

I love nude or light brown color. I think it looks gorgeous on a tanned skin. I am looking into buying some wedges or espadrilles since they are perfect for summer. This one below is over 4 inches high (my kinda heels) and the material is made of leather, except the wedge part of course. Don't you guys think it's cute? Price: $100.00. 

All my denims are by True Religion just because I love their twisted inseam. My favorite is Joey, of course. :) The jeans fit me so right that I wouldn't want to buy anything else but a TR, and I've been wearing the brand since 2004! However, since I've already own a lot of pairs, I think I should move on, and try other brands. Besides, it's a lot cheaper for my wallet too, which is a plus! :)

Well, back to this Misty Boot Cuts jeans by Pink Ice, I personally find that the ripped or destroyed style is quite sexy! And I also love the obvious crinkled design. Price: $37.99. I might end up going to the store this weekend, and get one for myself just for this summer.

Gorgeous, enough said! This style reminds me of Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) from CWTV Show, 90210. Oh wait, there's a Bebe for 90210, right? Well, this dress is not from the collection though I think it should belong there. :) The price is $98, and it's polyester. Love the print and cut!

I love the bold print, and its slinky style. Those who know me on a personal level would know that I love a cutout back, and a tight fitting dress. I think this dress is gorgeous, and the model has a similar coloring/skin tone as mine, so I think I am going to get this one! Price: $69.00.

Is there anything else that I should add to my shoppinh list besides dresses, jeans and shoes? 


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