Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Treat!

Happy Thursday!

I am about leave the house to get some Dots Cupcake from Pasadena, California because I am craving for something sweet and delicious! Besides, tomorrow is Friday so I let myself go a little. No workout, it's time to pig out! My mantra ;). Dots has so many flavors to choose from. This is their menu (YUM!). Just in case you don't have Dots nearby, you can always check out your local cupcakes bakeries and compare their menus. Who knows, they might bake similar goodies! Honestly, this will be my first visit and I am kinda excited. I normally get my cupcakes from Sprinkles Beverly Hills, but today I would like to try a new stuff! I am a Taurus, I don't do well with I might stick to what I know like Cookies and Cream, Tiramisu or Red Velvet even though I am going to buy from a new place! Ha! Ha! Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!



Courtesy: Dots Cupcakes
Aren't they beautiful?!

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