Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Samy Fat Foam Permanent Hair Color in Light Golden Brown

I finally re-colored my hair. Yay! It was about time anyway. My hair was dull and dark, and I couldn't stand looking at the root so I went to WalMart last Sunday and got myself a Samy Fat Foam.
Why Samy, and not L'Oreal or Revlon ( Note: I always use these 2 brands only) ?
Well, I wanted to try this new brand since I have heard a lot of positive feedback from several friends of mine. Besides, trying a new thing is always exciting! :)

The Packaging:

 ...and do you want to know what it says on the back of the box? 
Revolutionary Permanent Foam Color Technology From the Foam Color Experts! New Foam Technology. No-Mistake Hand Application.

 What's Inside:

 Bottle (it looks like a shake bottle!), Base Solution, Color Powder, Gloves, Instruction, Shampoo & Conditioner.

Color Guide:

 My hair was Medium Brown to Dark Brown.

Result from Samy Fat Foam in Light Golden Brown:

Well, I wish the color was a tad lighter, of course. I guess it could only happen if I bleached my hair first, but I don't dare to strip my own hair. It has to be done at a professional salon. :)

Well, for a DIY Hair Color, I think it's not bad at all. The application was easy, and not messy. All I did was mix the base and the powder into the bottle, and shake it for 30 seconds. When I opened the bottle, the white foam was overflowing! It was pretty to look at actually. So I just applied the foam all over my hair, and left it for 30 minutes for the color to develop. 30 L.O.N.G minutes and I hated the smell of the ammonium sulfate! Then when the time was up, I washed and rinsed with their shampoo and conditioner which smell pretty good by the way. The result is the picture above.

Will I buy Samy Fat Foam again? Maybe. Because it is so easy to apply! No mess, no drip. However, the not so good thing is that they do not have a wide selection of colors. I wanted a bronzey-honey like color, but unfortunately they don't have that. They only have a basic selection of black, dark or light brown, and dark or light blonde colors. Well, at least I tried you know. I still prefer L'Oreal because the brand carries all kind of colors, for all kind of skin tones.

Dear Samy, if you read this, please take a note that girls love colors! Just saying!



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