Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fresh Faces: Pureful

Fresh Faces: Pureful
Back in June I made a brief post on two members of this group getting injured in a television taping; now it is time to introduce the group.

Pureful is a heavy metal/rock idol unit and are members of a company known as Alice Project .AP features Pureful their sister units Prism, Cherry Blossom and Alice Juban.
Pureful is made up of the following members Fujisaki Asami, Mori Kanon, Ayakawa Komugi, Koitabashi YU-KI, Tsukimura Reika, and Sakura Nodoka. The absolute number one thing that I like about Pureful is that they stage dive into the wotas at lives. The second thing that I like about Pureful is that on the weekends when not working you can find them out cosplaying with non-idols on their free time and the last reason that I like them is because when you ask them why they stage dive, they will gladly say to you “it reflects our current common sense”.
Pureful made their stage diving assault on the idol genre in 2010 and have two CDs to date. While I love Pureful, I think the idol unit HY4_4YH have a harder music sound to them .While both are heavy metal idol units, HY4_4YH holds a specialness to me for being one brick short of a full load and are just plain insane on stage, Pureful gets a slight edge overall in my heart because of the stage dives at lives and because of their lives, they are an experience that you just have to see to fully understand this unit.

The Stage Diving Idols
Ready set ,2 minutes kick wotas in face and it`s 1,2,3,4, idols stage dive.

Street Live


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