Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tsunku And The Indie Idols #14

Tsunku And The Indie Idols #14

If you have been following this show since I have started posting it, then you may notice that this show seemed to be building up to a point, was it an audition? Did Tsunku-san have something in mind? The answers to both questions are yes.

This week you will see why Tsunku-san has been gathering Indie Idol groups from across Tokyo for weeks now.

You may notice that these episodes get a lot of dislike votes on youtube ,these come from anti the Possible fan who feel that Tsunku-san spends more time with them and other Indies when he should instead spend every second of his life on H!P .

This small band of antis spend all of their time voting down anything that the Possible or their sister groups are on.

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