Friday, October 14, 2011

Tsunku Opens Idol Cafe

Tsunku Opens Idol Cafe

Hello!Project  ,Nice Girl Project! producer Tsunku and  Afilia Saga East  co-producer and 5pb owner Chiyomaru Shikura  have come together for the latest Akihabara idol cafe.

The cafe is named “AKIHABARA Back sta<-->ge pass” and is just three minutes from AKB`s Theater. “AKIHABARA Back sta<-->ge pass” combines the two moguls strong points into one for a perfect combination that will be hard to beat on the Independent level.

“AKIHABARA Back sta<-->ge pass” concept will be idols in training while working at the cafe .Once the girls reach their training graduation they will become a full-fledged idol group and have an official debut.

The cafe will also see other active idols making guest appearances. Both the cafe and supporting web site will open at the end of November. No time schedule for when the unnamed group will debut.

Footnote -This unit will likely be on 5pb`s recording label, which has Afilia Saga East, Kosaka Riyu and 24 other recording artists under contract.

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