Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am graduating! But, I don’t know what to wear at the commencement ceremony. =/ HELP!

I am torn. I need to make up my mind really quick since the graduation day is next week, on 10/22/2010! Either I have to place an online order today or tomorrow, or walk into several stores later this weekend which I hate doing. Why? Because the stores carry only selected styles and I know I will end up spending a lot of time looking and trying. So… in order to avoid that problem all together, I have selected these following items and I’d like to hear your opinion!! :)

Dress 1:
Let’s start with this dress. This is my usual style, but since it is an education related event, I want to avoid anything short or tight on my body.


Dress 2:
I love the color. Teal is one of my favorites. I love the body hugging - Hervé Léger style, kinda, but I wonder if it’s appropriate. I really don’t mind wearing this…

Dress 3:
This one is simple and sophisticated.

And these following dresses are sooooo adorable!! Ahhhh!! Hard to decide!

They are all Windsor dresses by the way.

Well, if it were up to me, I would looveee to wear all of these cute dresses but obviously I can’t. I can only chose 1 =/

So which one do you guys prefer?


Happy Tuesday!

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