Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Products I Regret Buying!

I am sure every one has these products that they loved when they first bought them, then later they said "what was I thinking?!!!" I got bunch of those. Most of them I trashed though, but I still keep some that I think could be "useful" later. So far I haven't touched them!!  =/ So, here are those items:

1) MAC Tilt.
hmmmm I love blue in general but this blue hue does not work for my skin tone. Or maybe it does, but I am just not into this color!

2) MAC Plum Dressing.
This color is gorgeous but..... I don't know why I don't like it that much. I used it once and I liked it then. Maybe i'll try again soon and see how I feel. 

3) AVON Glazewear Intense Plum.
I bought it because it looks prettttyyy on the catalog! LOL. Wore few times to work. It made me look older than my age =/.

4) Sephora Lip Attitude Star S06.
This one is somewhat "plummish" and "pinkish" in color and sparkly! And wow, I just realized I bought a lot of "plums" LOL.

5) Femme Couture Cake Eyeliner.
It's way too drying and cakey. Does not go on the skin smoothly.

6) Revlon Colorstay. 
It caused terrible breakout - under the skin kinda zits. Ouch! BUT, i don't mind wearing it once in a blue moon for clubbing. It stays on for hours!

7) Black Radiance Creme Foundation.
I wanted the 'on the go' kinda foundation, but this one is bad. It's drying and cakey. Does not blend well. But now I use it to conceal blemishes!

8) Jesse Girl Loose Eye shadow.
My friend gave me this, and she said it could be a substitute for a MAC Pigment...hmmm??? Nahhhh. She was wrong, but I really don't mind the eye shadow. The color is pretty! 

9) Mineral Veil in Tinted Feather Light.
I'll stick to a regular mineral veil. This one is way too shimmery and the bronze color all over the face? No, thank you. I use this to highlight my cheekbones and collar bones. :)

10) Physician Formula Cover in Green.
Isn't this to cover redness on your face? I know it says "Powder Finish Concealer" , but it is way too powdery. Unless I need to cover some red zits, this will be kept in my drawer till then.

11) Victoria's Secret Lipsgloss in Wet. ;)
Catchy name, uh? LOL. This color is exactly like my lip color, so there's no point of me wearing one! I don't know why I bought this. =/

So, I am done with my list. What's yours?? :) Please share!

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