Friday, October 8, 2010 Is it worth the money?

So I signed up with Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Society at hoping to find out what she has in store for me. Before I could even sign up, I had to take a survey first which involves pictures of runway models in their attires where I had to pick the one that appealed to me most, or clothes and shoes I would wear, etc. So I did all that and the result is :

I am:

I now have my own showroom where some stylists had picked out a selection of shoes that fit my personalities. :) OK. Happy face right there. I love shoes and I don’t mind spending money on them. I have to admit I love some of the styles. However, based on the pictures alone, the shoes look somewhat hmmm cheap? But, with $39.95 per month (that’s a membership flat fee) what can you expect right? At least, you get to choose between a pair of shoes, or a bag or accessories per month; and I don’t think it is expensive at all. And yeah free shipping too! So far I haven’t bought any thing yet. Ha! ha! I just requested an additional showroom and will go from there. LOL. I am greedy ;). It’s not that I have no sense of style/fashion at all that I need a “stylist” to help me picking out an outfit. I joined this website just for fun because if everything is right in front of my eyes, even with a picture of KIM herself, saying “Hi, try this”, I am more inclined to buy something. You know what I mean? One thing I know for sure, you can definitely get these kinds of shoes from the small boutique at the malls. They are practically almost the same - styles and colors. And yeah, the mall is slightly cheaper. That’s my humble opinion.

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