Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 05 — My favorite thing(s) to do

Hi Ladies!

Wow, I think this 30 Day Challenge is so hard to do since I have to post every single day! Anyway, I am getting better at this. :)

So today is Day 5, and I am going to share about what I love doing during my spare times, besides chatting and talking, hanging out with friends, reading, shopping and makeup!

First off: YOGA

 I am barely starting my routine and so far, I am loving it. It keeps me calm and helps me breathe better. :) So, I won't give this up anytime soon!


Once upon a time, I was so anal about having a rocking abs, tight arms and no jiggly skin/muscles. I achieved that, but then I let myself go since I was too busy with school that I neglected my body and health. Now I am back doing the old routines and it's very hard. Giving up sugar and carb is a no-no. I love my food; therefore, I will eat it which means I have to work harder to get back in shape. I will try not to give up. :)


Take me to a club, and I'll thank you! I love dancing to good music. I haven't gone out much lately since I am busy finishing my last class, but if I had the chance to go, I would normally stay until 2 am. :) Dancing is a good cardio! Especially if you are in those killer heels! Good workout. ;)


Aishwarya Rai in Devdas

I grew up watching Bollywood Movies, even though I am not Indian! :) I guess it was because of the cultural mix around me at that time. I love watching the beautiful love stories, songs, pretty guys and of course the gorgeous actresses! Katrina Kaif is one of my favorites! Well, Bollywood movies are so dreamy that I get lost in them...It even makes me want one those guys - so romantic!

Some Song Clips!
From: Dostana. I love John Abraham

From: Devdas with Aishwarya Rai


♥♥ Rinz

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