Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge : My Favorite Pair Of Shoes, Fashion Style I Like, Bags I Want To Have!

I've been slacking due to my final exam;however, today I just need to do this!

Day 09 — Favorite Pair of Shoes:

Right now, I am loving these Banana Republic booties! You know why? Because they are comfortable, and cute! The retail price was $126 without tax. But get this, I got them from Banana Republic Beverly Hills store and they were on sale for only $10!!!! From $126, they went down to $109, then became $10. This was the only pair left and I had to have them! I bet they wanted to bring new items so they wanted to sell everything. I got lucky! So yeah, they are my favorite right now. :) My other shoes can wait ;)

Banana Republic Shoes

Day 10 — Current Fashion/Style I Like:

I pretty much care about what I wear when I am not at work. I am a laid back kind of person, but I am very particular about the dress I wear or even jeans. I like only True Religions jeans. I think the Joey design is genius, especially the twisted inseam. I can't wear any other brand once I bought TR Joey in 2005. To be honest, a brand doesn't really matter,  as long as they look good on you! So far, nothing else fit me except the Joey. :) Nothing feels better than slipping into a perfect fitting pair of jeans. Am I right? :) Well, if I weren't wearing any denim pants, I'd normally be wearing a mini! :)

This is my usual style, only with heels, instead of boots:

I don't know which site this comes from. But I am pretty sure it's either Japanese or Korean fashion sites.

....and this is also my "lazy" style, if I don't feel like dressing up! Pony tail, cardigan, short and striped Ts which I have a lot!

I am currenly loving these few items that I found on Shopbop.com. I them cute, sexy and alluring. :)

Riller & Fount Kimono Wrap  

Riller and Fount Fox Mini Dress

Dolce Vita Casia Dress

Well, these are the few items that I am loving right now.  They can be found at Shopbop.com. And at the moment, they are having Winter Sales, up to 70% off, and yes I am looking at the site right now. There are few items I'd love to have! :)

Day 11 — Bags I Want To Have:

This is the hardest part! I am not too picky about a brand, as long as they look pretty and not heavy when I carry it. :)

My first choice is by Alice + Olivia Sequin Hobo bag, which I find very girlish, and pretty!
Alice + Olivia Sequin Hobo Bag $495

I also would like to get this Juicy Couture Cross Body Messenger Bag. This definitely one adorable bag that I must have!

Juicy Couture Perforated Heart Chain Lock Mini Bag $148

I guess, that's all for now. Until later. I got some shopping to do and blog to visit! :)


♥♥ Rinz

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