Thursday, February 17, 2011

Organization: How Do You Keep Your Favorite Lip Products?

Hi Everyone,

I am sure you guys have your own method in keeping your favorite lip products in one place so it will be easier to reach everyday. I have my own way in keeping my must have "lippies" in one place. I have a train-case, but that kind of organization doesn't work for me. I just dislike how I have to open the case everyday, pick the product, put the product back inside, close the train-case, and put it away. Too many steps for someone who is on the go, every single day. Also, I can't even tell what's inside that case unless I open it up and look through all those products. It makes me nervous. So, my train-case is strictly for cosmetic items that I don't use much, and stuff that I will only use during the weekend. 

Well because of those reasons, I had to find a way to make my life easier. I thought about a holder where I could just put everything in. It is more logical for me where I don't have to go through everything just to find that one lipstick I want to wear, you know what I mean? 
I knew I wanted something cute, or else I wouldn't want to use it. :) So I looked around the house and saw this pretty little cup sitting inside the kitchen cabinet. I knew it was sitting there for quite sometimes. Well, I bought this cute Minnie Mouse mug at the Disney Store thinking I could use it as a coffee cup but it did not happen. It is way too heavy, and way too cute for that. Now that I need a cute holder, I simply turn this red polka dot mug into one! :) Awesome!

So here it is!!

Up Close:
There are MACs, NARS (yep, that's the famous ORGASM), and NYX. Simply what I use everyday.

How do you guys keep your lipstick organized? Please share!

♥♥ Rinz

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