Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am back to LUSH after 8 years!

Hello Ladies!

I am sure many of you have tried LUSH, so this is not something new to talk about. However, I have not used this brand for about 8 years since I last purchased its bath bombs from Union Street San Francisco. It was not because I hated the brand. It was mainly because I found other brands that were equivalent in quality (really? that was 8 years ago!), and more cost effective. For someone who can't commit to one particular brand, that's what they do! Buy stuff and dump stuff.

So today, when I was in Old Pasadena Town, I decided to walk into LUSH store and check out their products. I could see that they have added more lotions, and hair care items to their line. The layout of the store has not changed since. So I tried the sea salt scrub (I forgot the name), and I thought it was AMAZING! Then I put this Dream Cream Lotion on my hand, and immediately I could feel the difference. I have dry skin during winter time, and this lotion gives instant moisture, leaves my skin soft and supple. Ha! Ha! So, the minute I got home, I lathered myself with this body lotion. Now, 6 hours skin is still soft, and the scent is still lingering. Even my boyfriend loves the natural scent it has. So, why did I abandon this brand in the first place? I really regret it. This lotion is the best lotion I've ever tried!! I definitely will go back and buy more stuff, especially the sea salt scrub.:) I also like the fact that LUSH products are freshly made from all natural ingredients, and not tested on animals. I think all products should be like that.

So, are you a LUSH fan? What products have you tried? Please share!

♥♥ Rinz

What I am currently using (pre LUSH): 

Olay Quench Plus


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