Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maybelline Fit? Not so fit!

Maybelline Fit

Well, I have heard, and read lots of mixed reviews about this latest product from Maybelline. I refused to listen to bad stuff, so I went ahead and bought one for myself.
Since I have used and tried many concealers and foundations from department stores, and Sephora, I was a bit skeptical about drugstore foundations. THAT, I have to admit. Why? Because it has always been so hard for me to get a good match. It's either too light or too dark. Unfortunately. Besides that, the color is either too pinkish, or too orange. =/
Well, this Maybelline Fit's promises sound good to be true. I guess it works for most girls, but not for me. The reasons are:

  • It's too greasy for my skin. A bit runny, and does not provide good coverage. Or maybe I read it wrong? Is it supposed to be a tinted mosturizer kind of foundation? hmmmm.....
  • The color matched good at the beginning, but turned ashy on me. =/
  • It doesn't stay longer than an hour, max!
  • I need to layer with lots of powder foundation which defeats the purpose of having a foundation to begin with. A foundation on a foundation is gross! Too thick. I don't really like it, unless I do a party makeup.
  • It gives me red bumps and zits, especially on the T-zone area. Yikes!
Oh well. I just wish that these problems did not occur, you know. I don't want to have a bad skin, so I have to put this away. I think this formula is great for those who do not have a sensitive skin.

Well, there goes my review on Maybelline Fit foundation. Have you guys tried it? And is it working for you? Do tell!!


♥♥ Rinz

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