Saturday, April 9, 2011

I am obsessed about my hair! I am getting a short hair cut :D

Happy Saturday!

I felt so unmotivated these few days to either blog, or do anything in general. I guess I needed some push or some changes in my life. So I took the initiative to look at myself in the mirror and see what I would like to change about myself. No, I am not talking about plastic surgery, though I have nothing against that. I wanted something that is not permanent, but it has to be very drastic. So I said to myself, HAIR! Change my hair style, color, etc! So, today I went to a wig boutique, and tried on several short wigs. I really wanted to see if a short hair would look good on me since I've been having  a long hair for so many years, and I am somewhat ready to change and chop it all off. Well, to be honest, I wasn't really enthusiastic with the idea of change, since I don't do well with it. I like to play it safe but now, I am kind of bored with myself having the same hair, same style, and if I don't try it now, I won't do it ever.  I was actually quite shocked with the transformation. Looking at myself in the mirror today with an auburn and dark red highlight short wig was actually quite cool. I felt different. Finally. However, I am scared of changes. I want to rock a different style, yes, but I am scared I might regret it later. Since I am talking about changes and all, I would like to continue my 30-Days Challenge. :) I would like to hear your opinion of having a short hair.

Day 14 — Photo of a Hairstyle/Haircut I'd Like to Have

I am so obsessed with Tila Tequila hair style now, so bear with the pictures of her in this post.

So this is how my hair looks right now..somewhat. Long and with a short layer, that's it.

...and I was having the ideas of cutting an inch of my hair and get some bangs just like these following pictures:

...or perhaps just do this style? side swept and clip some bow on my hair without cutting my hair? :)

...but that is not drastic enough! So I kept on looking, and saw her pictures with these styles!

..and no, not the blonde color because I would be looking weird. I just love the cut. However, the more I browsed, the more I got interested into having a short hair with highlights. After seeing these following pictures of Tila,  I thought to myself: OK, I would like to try this style!

 Well, that's the style I want to try, but with a reddish auburn color and red highlights. We'll see. Also, I just found out that Tila has changed her hair style, once again... darker hue, more sophisticated version of Tila Tequila, which I think looks really good on her.

So, what do you guys think? To cut, or not to cut? I am anxious!


♥♥ Rinz

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