Monday, December 6, 2010

Caramel Rock Fashion Show !

Caramel Rock Fashion Show !!

Saturday 12th February 2011

Docklands Hilton Hotel

Tickets On Sale Now Contact Petra Johnson
Contact Number: 07706727161
Standard Tickets £5.00
Vip Tickets £10.00

Caramel Rock Classes For Youths And Adults
Caramel Rock is a fashion label and an outreach project teaching different specialism within fashion and arts, from street dance to couture fashion. The sessions are run throughout the year so if you would like to get involved please contact us, for more details.
My main focus is working with youths, those who feel they have no hope in life, or even in school. I will also welcome any one who would like to learn. I love working with children and would also plan to work with the older generation. I feel I can also learn from people who are older than me who appreciate, creating which is why I would like to work with an older generation teaching them what I know later on in the course.

Giving my community a purpose will motivate them, and keep there priorities straight and can develop their potential to succeed. I want to equip people with the knowledge of skills and qualities which can help them with employment later on in life. It's about inspiring people to do something for themselves (investing in people).
The Caramel Rock organization is also run and organized by youth volunteers, focusing on developing skills within fashion and dance. From haute couture to advance street dance. We welcome those from all backgrounds, whether you have experience or not.
Youth Club Runs From Wednesday To Friday From 4 Til 6 For Ages 17 And Below.
Adults Monday To Tuesday From 10 Til 4 Ages 80 +
Street Dance Fridays From 4 til 6
Email for further information at

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