Monday, December 20, 2010

What did you guys do Last Weekend? Shopping Much? :)

LOL. My BF and I did just that! We went out early in the morning and came home late at night. I had so much fun even though it was raining heavily (still is!!). Finding parking was a chaos and carrying shopping bags in the rain was priceless! :) But hey, it's my Holiday spirit that kept me going. Ha! Ha!

Here are some pictures from last weekend.

Saturday Night Picture: That is Nordstrom store behind me and the light went off right at the same time my BF took this picture. It was around midnight at the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, Ca, and the rain was pouring! Yup, can't tell from the picture.:)  And that Michael Kors military boots really kept my feet dry and warm. :) Love them!

P.s: Sorry, this picture was taken with a phone so it's kinda blurry a bit.

And oh, remember the post I made about L' Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color  where I went from Dark Auburn to Dark Brown? Well, the color should last through 28 shampoos. But it has been more than 2 months and I have washed my hair hundreds of times already! So here is my current hair color! :) I kinda like it :)

....and this last picture was taken at the garage, on last Sunday night. It was still raining and of course a pair of boots were the perfect choice. These are the thigh high with back lace boots that I got last month during Macy's Black Friday, and they fit me like gloves :) I love them!!

So, what did you guys do? :) DO TELL!

I am off to bed now, and I will post my hauls pictures tomorrow! :)

♥♥ Rinz 

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