Monday, December 26, 2011

Momoiro Clover Z Rocks Saitama Super Arena

Who needs end of the year TV specials ,were the most talented acts get overlooked because they are Visual Kei bands , idols that don`t sell enough or any other industry  excuse they can think of ,when you can just have your own live and make up your own rules .

December 25th Momoiro Clover Z may have held their best live of their career and it was at the Saitama Super Arena .

Momoiro Clover Z played almost 30 songs had heavy metal guitar great Marty Friedman providing the riffs and a host of other idol/rock goodness such as flames ,lightshow and more .

Momoiro Clover Z ends 2011 with a powerful statement “We have arrived and everyone watch out”. In 2012 the girls have two nights booked for Yokohama Arena.

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