Friday, December 16, 2011

New Staff Members

I just wanted to update the staff additions updates a lot of changes over the day .We are now in position to add two more writers and possibly a third new writer following  Meika who joined this week.

Joining Meika as new writers for Pure Idol Heart [formal introductions will be later]

The first new writer that will be joining shortly is the owner/writer of this blog

I believe that the readers of Pure Idol Heart will enjoy what she will be bringing to Pure Idol Heart because her style is not going to change.

If Pure Idol Heart had an H!P Eggs  style program ,the second new writer would fall into that group .She lacks the experience of the first writer , but has potential that we want to develop.

The third writer is an experienced writer , I can`t really  say much now as she is still thinking it over.

I would like to thank Meika as it was her joining  of Pure Idol Heart that has been important to the talks in adding  new writers.

So please look forward to our staff growing and more news to come.

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