Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Blossom

Baby Blossom is an 18 member band created from AKB48 members .The core of the band is Maeda Atsuko (Guitar), Oshima Yuko (Bass), Takahashi Minami (Guitar), Kashiwagi Yuki (Drums), Kojima Haruna (Keyboards), and Watanabe Mayu (Keyboards).
The remaining Senbatsu members make up horn, percussion and backing vocals.

Baby Blossom was created for the single “GIVE ME FIVE” and spent the past five months rehearsing.
They are not all that bad, not ready open up for BABY METAL [Sorry I couldn`t resist that joke].

Seriously this is a fun little group they have put together for their next single. The girls worked very hard and I tip my hat to them as it`s a good job for five months training.

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