Monday, January 30, 2012

Michelle Phan...She's So Inspiring

I have to admit..I've been slacking..have lost passions in what I love most..Blogging! I have stayed away from my computer for quite a while. I have many pending posts...many pictures that need to be uploaded. *sigh* I just need to find some times to do all that. And you know, I haven't browsed YouTube for months, and when I did today, I saw this video by Michelle Phan....

I think she's amazing and so inspiring... and she's really good at what she's doing! No wonder she's the number one Beauty Guru on YouTube. I know some of you probably have heard about her already or have watched her videos, but for the fist time I find myself browsing old videos of her on YouTube! ha! ha! Well, I'd better start working on my lenses, new hair color, makeup posts now. TTYL Bloggers!

*Video Credit: Michelle Phan*

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