Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Message board Open for Registering And Use

I wanted to tell everyone that the Pure Idol Heart Message Board is now open for registering and use.
I still need to select a different back ground skin , however everything else is ready to go. I tried to take into consideration all your feedback .

We have set the message board up with several categories ,with groups that fit that category .
The forums have a main news site to talk about releases ,tours ,TV, and so-on and a member’s forum. We have left the members blank for every group on the board. The reason is we feel it is better that you the members show your support for your idol and start her support page .Only one support page per idol should be made , so first to make it ,starts that idols support thread.

I want to mention two of the forums Idol Village and Idol Underground . In Idol village if I have left off a better known idol group or soloist that is not a part of H!P or the 48`s just leave a note here and we will see to it.
Idol Underground –This is for Indie and lesser known idols . There are no preset groups here , just simply start a group thread .

Anyway we still need select a new back ground ,theme ,however you are welcome to register and start using the forums. We can adjust things if needed.

You can find the message board here

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