Friday, January 20, 2012

Message Board?

Hello, readers!
This is not a post about idol or jpop news, but is still very important.

What do you guys feel about adding a message board to PIH?

I know that a lot of you, me included, probably post in forums to discuss idol and jpop news.
There are many forums out there like Studio48, where 48 family topics are discussed, and Hello! Online where people can discuss H!P related topics.

Unlike those  sites, however, which stick to one fandom or group, The PIH message boards won't be focused on one specific type of group, genre, or fandom. The message boards would be a place to discuss every type of Japanese music. From idol groups, to jrock, to indie groups, even kpop, and everything in between.

My question to you readers: Do you think PIH should add a message board? Would you go on and participate?

What would you like to see on the message boards that other message boards may be lacking?

Please comment!
The whole structure and designing of the message boards is in the hands of all of the readers!

UPDATED  1/26/2012

Home of Pure Idol Heart`s Message board

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