Sunday, January 15, 2012

PIH 2011 Readers Choice Idol Awards

You the readers of Pure Idol Heart have spoken and the results are in.
Before getting to the results ,I would first like to thank everyone who voted and hope that you follow all the groups we post in 2012 closely and prepare well for the 2012 awards coming in December ,with more artists more categories .

Now to the results
You the readers voted and the winners are

In the Best 48 Sub Unit Award

In the Most Underrated Award
Tokyo Girls’ Style

In the Best Group Award

In the Best Album Award
12, Smart

In the Best H!P PV Award
Uchouten Love

In the Best 48 PV
Flying Get

In the Best Idol PV Award
Mirai Bowl

In the Best Improvement Award

In the Best Debut Award

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