Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunshine Grey Lens by EOS

Hi Everyone. Sorry havent been active for quite a while. I was actually on a vacation, but now I am back with more stuff to post. Yay!

Lets start with this new lens that I received from Thank you Lollylens! By the way, they offer free world wide shipping! ^_^ . I actually received 3 pairs for review, but I am going to start with one at a time!

Sunshine Grey by EOS

The packaging. It comes with a lens case as well.

Sunshine Grey lens

This color looks natural in real life and I really love how the color blends with my skin tone. ^_~ At least I don't look like an alien haha. Well, I like to keep it natural when it comes to color /circle lenses.
Another thing, I have naturally big eyes and most circle lenses don't look that great on me. I mean, they suppose to make my eyes look larger right? But most of them don't and they are actually smaller than my eyes! This one actually a perfect fit! I was wearing them for 4 hours last night and I did not have any problem, what-so-ever so thumbs up! Again, everyone's different...

Here is some information about the lens:
Big Eye Effect: 16.0mm ( Well i guess my eyes is huge since it fits!! LOL)
Actual Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Contents: 38-42%
Material: HEMA
Base Curve Radius: 8.6mm
Life Span after open: 1 year
Life Span before open: 3 year
Hygiene Advice to wear: 2-3 months(depend on personal hygiene)

You can click HERE for additional info about Sunshine Grey Lens.

PS: You can also use a discount code (msRinz) for a 10% discount!

Dreamy Brown and POP C Dark Grey Review will be up sometimes this week so stay tune!



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