Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 04 : My favorite foundation(s)

Hello Lovelies!

I am on my fourth challenge! YAY! Well, I just wanna share about these 2 favorite stuff! I love MAC foundations : Studio Fix Fluid and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. These two items have been great so far. My skin is sensitive, acne prone and will react if I use a wrong product. So far, these two have not yet caused any zits (knock on wood!) and provide a nice coverage that I want. I had been on acutane due to skin problem (stress can really kill my skin!) and I am staying away from using a thick foundation for more than 8 hours. I normally wash my face everytime I get home from work, just so my face is clean and those pores can breath again. I don't go to bed with my makeup on. To be honest, I did before in the past just because I was darn lazy and it contributed to skin problems. So I learned my lesson.

Well, Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 does provide a medium to full coverage with a minimum sun protection. One thing though, if I wear this foundation and take a picture, I will look like a ghost! Of course it happens because of the SPF ingredients, which is a minus in my book since if I want a sun protection, I can just wear an SPF lotion underneath my foundation or even a primer with an SPF! So, if there's an event, or a party, I have to reach for my other foundation that has no SPF in it. Bummer. Because the foundation coverage is really nice.

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural is mainly for touch-up, or as a setting powder. It also is my go-to foundation if I feel lazy to wear anything. :)

So there, my 2 must have foundations!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

♥♥ Rinz

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