Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Awards - The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to L from Explore Not Another Blog for this cute award! Appreciate it! :)

With this award there are some rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

hmmm Another 7 Things About Me:

1) I am a girlie girl, I bet you guys know that already :)
2) My go to makeup product is an eyeliner - One swipe and I am good to go.
3) I wear 4-5 inches heels, YUP! I do wear flats but most of my shoes are killer heels!
4) I am passionate about fashion and beauty, but I work with numbers! I have no complaint about my job but I really wanna do something else soon.
5) I dont find Zac Effron is all that. I think Vanessa Hudgens was too pretty for him. LOL.
6) I do listen to Justin Bieber! YUP!
7) My natural hair is curly! Check out my Japanese Rebonding Hair Story. HA! HA!

...and I am forwarding this award to :

All of you! I enjoy reading blogs and every single post make my day so bright and pretty!! I cant go a day without a good reading. Every single one of my readers deserve this! :) So feel free to grab this token and post it on your blog - I hope to read the "7 Things About Me" post.



♥♥ Rinz

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