Friday, January 7, 2011

Review: T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer

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Happy Friday first of all!! :) I am sure some of you are getting ready right now for a Friday Night Out! Well, I am going out too, but before I step out, I would like to share my opinion about this amazing blow dryer. I received it as a gift from my B.F during last Christmas. This little thing is very impressive that I have to blog about it.

What it is:
A professional, Tourmaline-infused hair dryer that delivers lightning-fast drying and a lightweight body. 

What it does:

The Featherweight works differently from old-school dryers. It uses SoftAire™ technology to produce a large, perfectly balanced cone of uniform ionic and infrared heat that dries large sections of hair evenly. Simply put, drying larger areas at a time means faster drying—60% faster in fact. Plus, this fast, even drying means no-over drying, which leaves hair smooth, shiny, and silky soft.

Patented T3® Tourmaline technology infuses the 'electric stone' deep into the dryer's components. Tourmaline emits ions and infrared heat to deliver frizz-free, healthy styling by sealing in moisture and reducing static electricity, polishing any style to lustrous perfection. Weighing in at less than a small bottle of water, the dryer's state-of-the-art components are lightweight and quiet for effortless styling.


My Review:

Well, I am glad that I got this blow dryer as a gift, since it is quite expensive to buy. Retail price is $200. But then again, maybe I would, only after I had a chance to try it out first.
First of all, this thing is so light that it does not hurt my wrist at all if I hold it for more than 5 minute. The regular hair dryer (I am talking about the $20 hair dryer that I dont even know the name!) that I bought from Target is heavy and is quite annoying to handle.

With T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer:

- I have a thick hair; this blow dryer dries my hair under 5 minutes, max!

- The heat is not super hot, which is a plus, or otherwise you will burn your face and scalp!

- The air blows gently and concentrated that I don't look crazy while drying my hair. LOL. 

- I find it easier to use round brush with this hair dryer.

- It minimizes and reduces flyaways. My hair is very smooth every time I use it. Silky straight if I use a paddle brush or a round brush. NO FRIZZ!

- It gives shines to my hair. Seriously, my hair is so healthy now. After I cut my hair a little, and starting to use this blow dryer, I don't notice any split ends. It's been a month now and I use it everyday. Yay! I always had split ends in the past from frequent use of hair styling tools, especially from a blow dryer.

- The best part is when I flip-out my hair and style it a little; the style will stay until I wash my hair later at night. I don't have to use any hair spray.

With A Regular Hair Dryer:

- It takes me up to 10 minutes to dry my hair using the highest setting.

- The heat is unbearable at times and it makes me sweat. Yikes. So I normally use the lowest setting, and it takes forever to dry my hair.

- I look like a crazy woman everytime I dry my hair. LOL. My hair goes everywhere even with the help of a round brush since the air stream is not concentrated. I believe it has something to do with the fan inside the blow dryer.

- It sometimes creates flyaways; therefore, I have to tame it down with hair serum or gel. 

- My hair gets split ends easily from frequent use. No shine, coarse and unhealthy.

Ok, that's it! I just wish this blow dryer was not that expensive, you know? *Sigh*

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 With Paddle Brush:

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