Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Crazy For Pink" continues.....

Hello Ladies!!!

I can't believe it's almost Friday again! :) I haven't planned anything yet, but I would love to go to some snowy mountains, probably Big Bear. I just hope the snow hasn't melted yet. LOL. Anyway, I just want to share my Nails of The Day. :) I am starting to like pink color for some reasons, and weirdly, pink was never my favorite color. I was so much into black, red and purple colors for years, and now I am loving the pink!

OPI in Heart Throb.

With Flash:

Without Flash:

I really like this O.P.I Heart Throb nail lacquer. It's a very pale pink, very subtle, and I think the color is kinda romantic. ;) We may not even be into Spring yet to have pink nails but I am feeling it, so I am going to wear it. And another great thing that I just found out is that on OPI website, there is this interactive app. where you can choose any nail color you want and matches it with your skin tone and nail length, and see if you'll like it or not. I find this quite helpful! I'd definitely use it as a guide before I buy any OPI color from my local beauty stores since most of them don't allow customers to test out the colors for hygiene reasons. It's understandable. :)

By the way, I am still looking for that emerald color for winter, but haven't found one yet. I hope to find it on or somewhere soon. If you guys know any, please let me know.

Additional picture: 
From Victoria's Secret's Sales that I got last week. 

Sorry, but I've got to share this one too! I bought lots of PINK stuff!! From undergarments to lotion bottles!!:)))) They had such a great deal. And oh, they handed me that nice looking paper bag (behind those Sales Bags) from the Holiday Season since they had some left, and I thought wow, what a difference in quality! I wish they could give us that high quality bag all the time!

Guess that's it for now. Good night!

♥♥ Rinz

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