Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AKB48 International Expansion

AKB48 International Expansion

The first of four international based AKB48 sister units has been born, with the Jakarta, Indonesia based JKT48. 1,200 Girls auditioned and 28 passed to create generation one.
Akimoto Yasushi served as audition judge and audition director ,said that he believes because of the range of cultures ,languages and national characters ,that JKT48 and international expansion will be an overall success .
Akimoto said that he believes that JKT48 can be a bridge between Indonesia and Japan, bringing them closer in the music industry.

JKT48 will now undergo training and is expected to make their debut after completion.
Other groups related to this international expansion include Taipei, Taiwan based TPE48 who will debut next summer and 48 groups in Singapore and Thailand that will debut at a later date.

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