Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girls Rock Revolution: CREA

Girls Rock Revolution: CREA

CREA is a new female rock band, that has an interesting style and sound that draws on the 80`s era of music. The group is really just getting started, but has made several funny shorts to promote themselves and have releases out. Musically I would compare them to a ZONE, instead of SCANDAL as they tend to be a little more Pop-Rock.

CREA is made up of Drummer Miku, Bassist Anna, Vocalist Naki and guitarist Aiko.

As the group`s history is still young and new ,I am placing a few of their short videos up ,so you can get a feel for these funny girls , looking to climb the rock genre ranks.

CREA Special Guest Promotions
My Favorite Short

Meet The Band

CREA have used several support members at Bass and Keyboards before settling on this current lineup.


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