Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Writer Joining Pure Idol Heart

New Staff Member
Everyone I would like to announce that I have added what I hope is the first of several new writers to Pure Idol Heart.

Please welcome to the staff of Pure Idol Heart “Mei.ka” .

Mei.ka is the owner of our partner site idolyrics and someone who has a strong passion and respect for idol genre and music in general. Mei.ka has a number of creative ideas that she wants to bring forward ,one being how to create a fashion look of an idol . So for all of our female readers this is something that she hopes you will like and actively take part in. As she is the creator of that series she can explain it much better than I can.

Mei.ka is someone who is easy to like when you get to know her and her idol and music interests . I am sure that you will agree after getting to know her ,that she will be a valued member of our staff and someone who can bring a fresh view to the genre.

Because Mei.ka is also the owner of idolyrics ,she will also be working to grow that site and our partnership between Pure Idol Heart and idolyrics will also continue to grow from this move.
Out of respect to her ,I am not going to say that she is going to write everyday on Pure Idol Heart , I have asked that she write at her own pace and schedule .

As I said in the beginning , Mei.ka is what I hope is the first of several new writers to join Pure Idol Heart. I am always looking for writers who want to join the staff ,I don`t know who these new writers be it guest or fulltime will be or how I will go about selecting them ,but I am sure that whoever joins in the future will bring a specialness that I believe you will see in Meika’s joining Pure Idol Heart.

Mei.ka asked me to introduce her as she was feeling a little shy overnight about how the readers of Pure Idol Heart would take to her, so I hope that the regulars who always comment as often as you can, will make her joining and first few days comfortable.

Please be looking forward to Mei.ka starting shortly.

Mei.ka idolyrics Blog

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