Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elegant, Romantic Updo Styles.

I love wedding events. This is the time where every woman will try to look their best. Some prefer to wear their pretty LBD; some prefer elegant evening gowns. I guess it depends on the cultures and individual preferences. For Persian and Armenian weddings, looking your absolute best is A MUST! Long beaded evening dresses, glittery shoes, elegant updos and top notch makeup ...are pretty much normal. For men, shiny suit is a must. Besides, it matches the elegant, beautiful event. :) I love dressing up and I really don't mind going through the hassle of finding the right dress, or getting my hair and makeup done. Of course it will cost me a lot of money, but that's OK :). It's a celebration after all, why not looking pretty. :)  So, my boyfriend's cousin is getting married this Saturday, which means I need to get my hair and makeup done. I have booked this girl from a local salon in Studio City (Glendale salons are fully booked! 300 guests I can only imagine...) to do my hair & makeup and I just hope she's good because I have never used her service before. *Fingers crossed*. She charges $250 for both, which is not bad at all. After emailing back and forth with her, I finally sent these following pictures:

PS: These updos have always been my favorite:

The thing is.... I like every style!!! I still don't know which one I want one. Ha!Ha! I am thinking of getting Nicole Ritchie's bohemian updo. It's always been my favorite. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?


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