Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AKB48 Internet Service + AKB & Wota Babies

AKB48 Internet Service + AKB & Wota Babies

AKB48 is branching out once again after creating a successful music franchise, store franchise, video game franchise; apartments, café ,has now entered the internet provider service.
On November 1 a new internet service entered the nation called “AKB Official Net”

For a monthly fee of 1,480 yen, you will get with service an official AKB48 email address, exclusive rights to AKB48 theater tickets, free registration to the AKB48 fan club and a members exclusive special photo program called “AKBaby”.

This program will allow you to take your picture and a member of AKB48 merge them and create you and your oshiman`s baby photo.
Spokesman for the service Oshima Yuko was on hand for the press conference held a baby with a mask of a merged photo of her and Prime Minister Noda on his face. Oshima jokingly said “I’ve skipped over the marriage press conference, and went straight to the birth announcement. The order is reversed, but I had a healthy baby!”

Oshima went on to show the official CM for the program, showing her scene where she asks the viewer, “Will you make a baby with me?”
Oshima went on to add “I’ve never thought I’d say that in my life, so I can’t believe I actually said that.”

Prime Minister Noda sent a letter saying the following “I’m glad the baby looks like Oshima-san. In reality, I can’t make a baby, but I will do my best to reverse the declining birth rates in Japan. “
Oshima ended her remarks by saying “Surely, this could be a great contribution to society. It’s an amazing thing.”

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