Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Site Work

Site Work

As you can see, I am doing some remodeling to the site. There were things that could not stay working on the old layout, so I am trying something else.
Ryo is the main designer for PIH; however he is away tending to a family situation, leaving me to do this, lol. Designing is not my best side ,heck anything short of making and performing music is out of my area of comfort.

I don`t know if this will be the final look or what else will change. There could be something’s that don`t work like we had before. I have brought back the Google friend that was removed last year, so now if you use that service, you can start following us again through that service. I changed the link partners to blog alerts, so now you can see what our friends are writing about and visit them from our site.

I may not return that shout box, simply because most of the comments were spam anyway. So as I make adjustments to the site ,I will do my best not to mess things up very bad and cause unneeded delays , but I make no promises .

This site has a lot of labels ,lol .Thanks to everyone who reads this site ,send mail ,and the regulars who leave comments.

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