Tuesday, November 29, 2011

E-Girls : Celebration!

E-Girls : Celebration!

What do you get when you put the members of Dream, Happiness and FLOWER together ? A room full of the cutest ladies in JPop who collectively are known as E-Girls.

E-Girls has a new song coming out called Celebration! And Avex has decided to tempt the hearts of mankind with a short preview of beauty and talent . While this is only a teaser ,it is enough to wet your taste buds for what is to come next. If you follow these groups closely ,then one thing you will notice is that the groups are doing parts of their signature dances within the songs dance.
With the makeup ,costumes and camera shots the teaser creates an effect that makes the members of Happiness and FLOWER look older than they really are and blend in perfectly with their big sisters DREAM.

Really looking forward to the full release.

Bonus footage


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