Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alice Juban :Girls Pop`n Party

Alice Juban :Girls Pop`n Party

This is not so much a group preview as it is something that I wanted to show you . I have spoken many times that the genre below the major name groups is a fun world to live in and 90% of all idols live in this underground.

When you put members of several groups together from the same company for a concert you get Alice Juban.

This is Alice Juban performing in concert for a  show . At 2:30 in the broadcast two members of Pureful will stage dive into the crowd.

Anyway this is just a small look at the fun you experience in the underground idol world . Highlights of this broadcast for me was the members from Pureful staging diving at the start and ending of the program and all of Alice Juban doing a heavy metal salute to wotas.

The Independent underground is the best kept secret in the genre and if you’re willing to take the time to get to know it , you`ll discover a world were idols are much more free-spirited then their major big sisters.

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