Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AKB48 vs. Nogizaka46

AKB48 vs. Nogizaka46

It`s now official, as AKB48 is so big that no other unit can match them, their creator has
entered “Castle Akimoto” and a rival will be born.

Please welcome to the idol wars Nogizaka46.

Confirmation has come that Akimoto Yasushi will in fact create an rival unit to go head to head against AKB48. This unit will be called Nogizaka46.

Nogizaka46 name comes from as I mentioned yesterday from being the office location of Sony Music Entertainment .The 46 is the number of members this unit will have. The reason that the unit will have 46 and not 48 was explained by Akimoto “Although there are fewer members than AKB48, they will not lose.”

Auditions will start on July 20, with follow up rounds on August 6 and 7 nationwide in 7 cities. Everyone that passes stage two will move to stage three on August 20 and 21.

20 girls will be selected for debut in October.  The unit will be a major label artist for Sony and will take part in music releases, live events and variety shows with the mission to become more popular then AKB48.

One thing to keep in mind, years ago Akimoto mentioned in an interview that AKB48 was something that he could see lasting around ten years.  Could this new unit not only be a new rival for AKB48, but the building blocks for the day that AKB48 ends and this concept of Idols that you can meet will live on in Nogizaka46?  If that is the case, then Akimoto looks set to control the top spot in the genre for years to come.

So much could have been different today in this genre, if companies had viewed AKB48 for the rivals they truly are, instead the sands of time moved on and Nogizaka46 will now carry the flag of battle to AKB48.

Will this be a true idol battle of rivals or more of the same? , Only time will tell and the idol community and media  will be watching closely.

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