Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I Received In The Mail This Week :)

I finally received the NYX Eyeshadows that I ordered with '50% off + Free Shipping' code yesterday. I am sure many of you know about the 'NYX 12 Year Anniversary Fail Sale'.  The sale didn't go too well that NYX had to make up for it with 50% discount codes. I was pretty upset, but I did participate just to get some essential colors. I wish their server was working properly during the event. I managed to put 20 items in my cart, but I couldn't check out. Ha! Ha! I refreshed the cart for over 10 hours period, but still couldn't go through! It was ridiculous. They should have known that girls would not pass up the opportunity to buy a product at $1.20 only. NYX stated that there were few hundreds managed to get the deal, but I really doubt it. Lots of people were pretty upset and mad. Oh well, things happened. I hope NYX learned from it. Anyway, those eyeshadows in the above picture are Black, Golden, Deep Bronze and Highlight. Very basic colors for smokey eye look. What do you guys think?

Happy Friday!!



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