Monday, June 20, 2011

Nail of The Day and Random Pictures

Milani Nail Lacquer Neon in Fresh Teal

This color is gorgeous! My first time buying MILANI Nail Lacquer and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of this brand. It's even better than my OPI nail polish. I only used one coat here (picture above). The color is very opaque and the polish itself is very smooth. I didn't get any "air bubbles" at all. Seriously, I love this better than OPI, but that's just my opinion. I bought this for $7.99 at CVS, and I believe that's more expensive than the website which is only $4.99.  For more info, visit

And...I  would like to share some randoms pictures from yesterday :)

This one of course was taken from underneath the pier!

The 2.00 P.M.

I had to have some Fish N Chips since I was at the beach. It was delicious!

Then...I needed a dessert. I love I bought myself the Original with tons of chocolate toppings!Yummy! :)

My Favorite Pair of Sunglasses.

Since it was practically sunny, I had my sunglasses on while roaming around the 3rd Street Promenade. And I don't want under eye wrinkles, of course! I love this sunglasses a LOT. Though I have many pairs, I always go back to this 2005 Chanel. :) Love the color, love the shape. People buy name brands for reasons and one of them is quality. I abused this one a lot, but it is still in great condition. It was $450 back then. Kimora Lee has one and I got mine because of her! Yes, I used to watch her show. LOL :) Well, at the end, it's worth the money.

....And of course, I can't escape the Sephora store so I got myself some little thing :) I'll do a review of this foundation soon!

My final purchase is this one - a neck massage wrap from Brookstone. I need some good neck rub so why not?

Well, I hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend.  



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