Saturday, June 11, 2011

My New Favorite Eyeliners - EOTN

EOTN: MAC Soft Brown Matte on a crease, eyeliners, lashes & Mascara

I think I might have found my holy grail eyeliners! Nope, it's not from MAC, or MUFE, or Stila, or Urban Decay. I have all those and I really love them; however, they fade away after few hours, even if they are smudge/water proof eyeliners. If I do a lot of touch ups, they can last up to 8-9 hours.

I have super oily skin so a perfect eyeliner would be something that is:
  • waterproof
  • smudge proof
  • stays on forever (yeah, as if) - from 8 A.M today to 8 A.M tomorrow morning perhaps?
  • and with an intense color. 
Well, that is my ideal eyeliner. Also, I have sensitive eyes, and finding one great eyeliner can be quite frustrating. I can definitely say that I have tried every brand out there, and none of them could be compared to these two eyeliners that I bought a few days ago.
Do you want to know the brand ? :) It is something that I've never thought I would try. Ha!Ha! But yes, I did give it a chance, and I am glad I did. The product is amazing!

It's AVON Glimmersticks Waterproof Eyeliner. Up to 12-hour wear, retractable, self-sharpening. I bought them from this Avon lady at work, and they were like $7 each. I decided to give Avon a try after reading its catalog. I got them in 2 colors: Brown Chocolate and Blackest Night. The brown is truly dark brown and the Blackest Night is one of the blackest blacks I've seen. Very intense. I love the colors. I wore these two yesterday (see my EOTN above) from 8 A.M (on June 10th) until 10 A.M. today. Yes, I slept with my makeup on because I was so tired, so don't copy that. It's a bad habit of mine. But guess what? The eyeliner did stay for over 12 hours with no smudging, no fading - nothing! Of course this morning I woke up with slightly messy eyes but who cares? My boyfriend thought it was sexy. Ha! Ha! Well, the point is that the product did stay for over 12 hours period. Just so you know, when I got home around 2 am this morning, my eyeliner was still as fresh as it was on Friday morning. So, I am quite please with its performance. Eyeliner is my thing - I need one that stays on forever and ever. :) Well, I guess I have found it. I will definitely repurchase!

So where can you find AVON? I guess, unless you know someone who sells them. I personally am not into direct selling products because the reps can be so pushy, but I am lucky that there is this nice lady at work who sells Avon and she's not pushy at all!  :)

Happy Saturday everyone!


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