Sunday, June 26, 2011

H!P: LinLin And JunJun Return ,Riho Gets Photobook

H!P: LinLin And JunJun Return ,Riho Gets Photobook

The lovable girls that fans kindly labeled Panda Musume have returned to Japan. Little is known about their mission here , however LinLin was at the recent Morning Musume concert to as she calls it “going home to see the family” .Rumors are also flying around the wota circles that Eri and family was also at the same concert.

Now everything happens for a reason in music , the question here is what is the secondary reason for the return visit ? Is work being lined up , now that LinLin has become a star on Chinese variety TV again?

Let the rumor mill run wild as we wait for any developments .

A LinLin fan has taken the blog photos and made a cool video presentation of her return. No shots of JunJun yet ,just a message that she is here also.

EDIT- Fresh shot of JunJun Looking Relaxed

Speaking of developing, the future ace of Morning Musume Sayashi Riho is going to be showing off her charm in her first photobook and DVD.

Both will be released in August and the first pressing of the DVD will include lottery tickets for a special Okinawa gift package.

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