Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog Award and A Little Update!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Happy Friday!! It's been days since my last blog post. I was on medical leaves and couldn't do much really. BUT, I was on Twitter though,when ever I got a chance. ;) It's always entertaining to read some tweets from some lovely ladies I know there. If you have twitter account, follow me, and I will be following you too! :)  

Well just today, after spending whole days and nights in bed, I finally feel slightly better and here I am sitting in front of my computer (trying LOL) and saw this Butterfly Award from Jo Wood at . Thank you girl for passing this award to me. That's very sweet of you.

I always follow the rules when it comes to blog awards, etc., so I am going to do just that.

Award Rules:
Link it back to the one who sent it to you and then pass it on to 7 people. 
Also, I have to write 15 random things about myself.

Seriously, I love every blog that is in my list, so this is hard. So what I am going to do is to pass this award to 7 latest blogs I just discovered.:)

15 Random Things About Me:

 1) I love short skirts. Haha! I own too many of them.
 2) I hate red lipstick. I think it makes me look old. =P
 3) My natural hair is curly. 
 4) I am not into buff guys. Haha!
 5) I am a geek. A cool one ;) I can discuss all about technology and can switch subject to  
     makeup and fashions!
 6) I don't own a watch. Don't like watches. I don't know why.
 7) I love Hello Kitty. Who doesn't?
 8) I love black nail polish.
  9) I eat sushi at least once a week. I used to eat it almost everyday. Yup!
10) I can imitate any hand writing, seriously. I think I could. I have tried it many times. :) 
      And my own handwriting? It isn't that pretty looking. LOL.
11) I tend to sleep with my makeup own, just because I am lazy to remove it especially
      when I feel sleepy. I have to get rid of that habit!
12) I love attending wedding ceremonies, but I really don't think I wanna get married. Too
      much responsibilities. And the divorce rates in this country?  It's scary. Well, I might
      change my mind one day, who knows...:)
13) I love exotic flowers like Orchids. :) 
14) I wear flats at work, and 4 inches when I go out.
15) I love to eat! I can finish 3 plates of rice. Seriously! 

Well, now I am going to pass this award to these following blogs:

I guess that's all for now. Have a great weekend girls. More makeup post to come, but for now I just wanna chill and get better ;)


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