Friday, September 30, 2011

AKB48 “Kaze wa Fuiteiru“PV

AKB48 “Kaze wa Fuiteiru“PV

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AKB48 have released their PV for their upcoming single Kaze wa Fuiteiru and I have to say this is unlike any PV they have ever done. Their look in this video is so unlike the AKB48, we have grown use to, which you may have to take double looks at the member’s .From their hair to their dresses and background the video gives off an air of mystery. Honestly, this song is so good they could come out, sit on the steps of a building, and sing and it would still be good.

kwf48 by kk231mj

The single comes out Oct 26 that may explain why it has a sort of mysterious feel to it.

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