Monday, September 26, 2011

Yesterday in iPhone Photos....

Happy Monday! 

Well, today I would like to share some pictures from last weekend since I haven't done this in a while. Those who follow me on InstaGram probably have seen some of these pictures since I constantly update my IG account. :)

So here are the pictures...

I changed my hair color again. This time I was in a hurry and I used this product:

Revlon Medium Ash Blonde.

Medium Ash Brown.

And last Saturday, my friend and I attended a big 3-0 birthday party.  Since it was really important, the birthday boy celebrated it in style. It was held at a big hall and it was very formal. We had a great time. Great food and great music!

The entrance:

Our table:

 The cupcakes:

The boogie dance- I don't know - cupid shuffle? They all followed certain steps! I didn't participate because I didn't know this kind of dance. :)

Our clutches and iPhones..of course!

 Great minds think alike. We both had nude color shoes on! And the place was so dark, we couldn't really take pictures of our faces and dresses, unfortunately. It was like a club. LOL.

 And this is just for fun.. :)

 That's all for now...More reviews to follow!! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.:)

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