Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SKE48 Land National TV Show

SKE48 Land National TV Show

Starting in October SKE48 will join their sisters AKB48 and NMB48 with a television show on NTV giving the network four 48 related programs.

SKE48`s new program is called "SKE48 no Magical Radio” and will feature double Matsui [Jurina & Rena] along with Takayanagi Akane as hosts in what is being described as a variety show within a drama.

"SKE48 no Magical Radio” concept is the following.

Takayanagi  is a radio host of a fictional Nagoya station ,who suddenly finds herself having to bring in a co-host in a bid for higher ratings .Jurina will play a former child actress who is forced to be Akane`s new co-host  .Rena is the hard charging program director .

Other cast members include Audrey’s Wakabayashi Masayasu as the radio station's scriptwriter and famed actor Sato Jiro as station producer.

The remaining members of SKE48 will serve as assistant directors; program sponsors company executives and other related celebrity characters.

Now I know your about to say Gaki this sounds more like a drama then a pie in the face idol game show . Ah, here is the beauty of this concept. There is no script; the members have to ad-lib the entire show based on some very basic role-play instructions.

Cast comments

Jurina- “Being one of the younger girls in the group, I think there are a lot of similarities between my real self and my role. Through this show, I want people to feel like, ‘Ah~ so that’s the kind of girl Jurina really is!’

Akane-“I was surprised that it seems to be more like a regular drama than I imagined. There is a lot of pressure, but also a lot of joy, since it always has been my dream to become an actress. I’d like to show you my real personality as well as a new side of Takayanagi.”

Rena-“There’s going to be three main characters, but the other members are also going to appear on the show. I think it is a wonderful show, because even fans of regular dramas will be able to enjoy it. I have never tried ad-libbing before, but I hope we will be able to fill the show it lots of fun content. I can’t wait to start the recording!”

The show will debut on Oct 11 at 1:59 am JST, before settling in on Tuesdays at 1:29am JST

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